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Embracing Health and Fitness as your Health Coach

Embracing Health and Fitness as your Health Coach

Embracing Health and Fitness as your Health CoachEmbracing Health and Fitness as your Health CoachEmbracing Health and Fitness as your Health Coach

Giving Health a Personal Touch!

What We Offer


Online Fitness Coaching

Online Fitness Coaching

Online Fitness Coaching

FFL offers you the opportunity to have your own health coach or personal fitness coach to help you tone, firm, and strengthen your body all from your own home or office.  We will custom design a realistic fitness program tailored to your own personal needs and fitness goals.


Nutritional Coaching

Online Fitness Coaching

Online Fitness Coaching

With over 25 years of success and experience, we are capable of analyzing your body and creating a nutritional plan that will fit within your current life style.  We will support, motivate, and educate you on making the right and best food choices.  We will tailor an eating plan to help meet your nutritional needs, keep you on track, and reach your ultimate goals!   


Motivational Speaking

Online Fitness Coaching

Motivational Speaking

Fitness motivational/ educational speaker with years of experience helping individuals reach their goals. Invite Patty to speak at your organization's/ company's events or meetings about weight loss, fitness, and overall health and wellness. She will surely stimulate, encourage, and motivate your friends, employees and colleagues!  Motivation and inspiration are often the very catalyst to help one reach their health and fitness goal. Our desire is to motivate and inspire people of ALL ages and teach the importance of how simple it can be to live a life of wellness.

*** NEW*** Offering Group & Small Business Consulting

Adding a wellness program for your company to help improve health benefits and lower healthcare costs. Studies have shown that healthy employees are more productive and have less absentees. Our program will motivate, educate and help equip your employees for all around success.

Trusted Products We Use


New Product!

Feel Addicted and Crave Sugar and Carbs?  

Introducing the easier way to transition from sugar and carb obsession to healthier eating that’s not dependent on your willpower.

Emulin® E - (sugar/carb manager of your daily intake, food source)

- This sugar manager/chaperone guides the sugar and carbs to their correct destination (brain or muscles) for energy- Carb blockers only block in the intestine, vs Emulin which manages absorption throughout the body- Redirects 1/3 of available calories to brain/muscles – prevents absorption by bloodstream- Provides healing of carb metabolism- Benefits: more alert, sleep better, gets rid of inflammation caused by daily consumption of sugar/carbs that the body sees as toxins

Klamax® (Repairs the damage)

- Repairs issues in the body INFLAMMATORY pain, prevention of INFLAMMATION, central nervous system, healthy digestive system, healthy bacteria, immune system support- Stimulates release of stem cells from your own bone marrow- Reduces anti-aging - Helps in treatment of ADD- Benefits: mental alertness, increases activity of neurotransmitters, 98% absorption rate, essential nutrition for brain, Source of Omega 3, improved sex drive

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