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"As much as I try to train LIVE with Patty, sometimes it is not always possible because of my hectic work schedule. I LOVE that Patty can train me on Skype, no matter where I am, right from my iPhone! All I need is my phone and a set of hand weights, and we can train in my living room, in my office when I have to work late, even in my hotel room when I am travelling. So easy and convenient, I don’t ever have to miss a workout! " Karin


Have you ever wanted to work with a professional trainer without the intimidation of a gym, or maybe you just don't have time to leave your home and go to the gym? "FUTURE FITNESS LIVE" will allow you that chance to have your own experienced training coach via webcam or phone using Skype from the privacy of your own home or office. Even new Moms can workout at home without baby sitting concerns.


                            Motivational Speaker

Fitness motivational/educational speaker with years of experience in helping individuals reach their goals. Invite Patty to speak at your organization's/ company's events or meetings about weight loss, fitness and over all health and wellness, she will surely stimulate , encourage and motivate your friends, employees and colleagues! 

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What Kind of FITNESS AND HEALTH COACH Will You Have?

I consider myself a  FITNESS STRATEGIST EXPERTS!  I have been in the fitness industry for over 25 years!  I Offer:

Fitness and Health Coaching 

Web Cam/Phone training 
One on One Personal Training / Group Personal Training. 


All programs are custom designed to help YOU Tone, Firm, and Reshape your body with great results! I love what I do and enjoy watching all of my clients succeed by reaching their goals!

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I will help you:

  • Set and Reach your goals
  • Plan and learn better Nutritional eating habits
  • Learn Proper Strength Training techniques
  • Improve your Endurance
  • Improve your Appearance
  • Increase your Energy 
  • Improve Mental Alertness
  • Gain muscle and Lose Fat
  • Bone Loss Prevention
  • Improve your Health 
  • Lower Levels of Stress
  • Increased Stamina
  • Feel Better and look better