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LYNN: What a great way to stay on track with my exercise program! Knowing that Patty was contacting me on the phone for my workout kept me accountable and motivated! I could not make any excuses. This is such a convenient way to stay in shape and strengthen my body without even leaving my home.

SHARLENE: have been training with Patty since 1999. My body has changed quite a bit through the years working out with her. Patty has guided me through training slumps, weight fluctuations, injuries and menopause. She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of resistance training and cardiovascular training. Patty teaches you the proper form to use while preforming an exercise to maximize the benefit to the muscle as well as to prevent injury. Over the years I have watched Patty study for additional certifications to improve her skills as a trainer and educate herself on new information and techniques in may areas. I have always been impressed with her drive, talent and skills. I highly recommend Patty as a trainer!

KARYN: I had hurt my neck over 5 years ago and totally stopped exercising, which led to a 60 pound weight gain. L Patty showed me some low impact modifications and I just kept coming back, and felt like I was able to do more and more each time. My diet was horrible and I still wasn't exercising regularly.  I wanted to lose more for my trip to Italy on the beach, and the thought of putting on a bathing suit made me want to cry.  Thanks to Patty I was able to lose about 45 lbs. I know that with Patty's help and constant support and encouragement I will succeed in accomplishing my goals!

JANET :  I have run on a relay team in the Akron Marathon for the past 7 seven years.
For the last 5 years I meet with Patty for a 20 minute stretch class, group personal training and Boot Camp Classes. I know this has made a huge difference on my ability to run Marathons on race day . I was better prepared. No cramping, no stiffness and more flexibility.
I get the same feeling after the stretching class that I do from a massage.
After the stretching session there is a great sense of relaxation and stress relief!
October of 2010 I became very ill with a Bacterial Infection. I was 60 years old at the time. I totally credit workingout with Patty as a viable possibility that I survived the illness. I lost 38 pounds in 5 weeks and was really beat down.
I was able to fight back and that was entirely due to the fact that I was in the best shape of my life at the age of 60! 
I totally credit Patty for teaching me the importance of good nutrition and consistent exercise. When I was 50 my Doctor told me " if you want to promote good health as you age, you can NEVER stop exercising " - so I began looking for classes that would benefit me in the long term - Patty was the answer ! Now at 63 I can honestly say I am in very good physical shape.  I sleep better,  handle stress better and am healthier than most of my friends!

JOSHUA:  I started going to Patty's classes about a year ago and I've really enjoyed them. Not only are they a great work out but they're set to some upbeat music and they're fun to do. In a few months I'm shipping out to join the Navy and I've been using these classes as part of getting ready for boot camp. I believe that they have helped me out tremendously in the time that I have been attending them. I love these classes, and I'll be doing them right up until I leave for boot comp. 

CHRYSTAN: Being a new mom, I no longer had the time to work out like I did in the past. I didn't want to leave my baby to go exercise. Now with this awesome phone workout, I can in 20 minutes while my baby takes a nap, or I can even get a great workout in the morning before he even wakes up! The best part is I can stay in my PJs if I chose to!

DIANE: We are so lucky to have you for guidance and inspiration!
Your challenge has helped me keep my weight gain to a minimum over the holidays. I know you'd never yell at me if my food log was bad, but the look of disappointment on your face is worse!
You've helped me wean myself from my weekly chocolate cake binges, and the Arbonne shakes and caramels have really helped with my sweet cravings.
Reading all the testimonials is also very helpful, I know I'm not alone in my fight against fat!
Thank you Patty for all you do for every one of us, we're lucky to have you in our lives!

AMY: Our Holiday challenge was an excellent idea to do this during the holidays instead of waiting for New Years Resolution time!  It helped me so much especially at work. We get so much stuff starting in November, including cookies, chocolates, cupcakes etc. and this helped me eat so much less than I normally would have. (we all know how much I love cupcakes ) So instead of gaining the usual 5 or so lbs I can say this time I lost !Thank you to you and to all of my fellow competitors. I look forward to doing it again next year.

CHUCK: Training with Patty's exercise program is great. It is really precise, and Patty keeps me right on track. With her positive attitude, she pushes me just enough to break a sweat, but yet, I feel so incredible when I am done with my workout!

Carol:  This is the first time in a year, since I ruptured my Achilles' tendon, that I've been able to lose any weight. I was really beginning to feel that it wasn't going to happen. Working out with Patty jump started me in doing what it takes to "regain" control of my nutritional habits. I'm very encouraged that I'm developing a new relationship with food and it feels great!!! Thanks Patty.  I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

RYAN: What makes the Skype workout so convenient is, that I can literally get up, go to the living room and start my workout. I do not have to leave my home and that makes it so much easier to continue on with exercise. It is the perfect amount of working out. After 40 sessions with Patty, I always still come out feeling great. This workout has made such a difference in my life style and my body!!

LINDA: This skype workout is so wonderful to take with you on vacation. No more excuses not to exercise when gone away. Patty just sets up your time and calls you for your workout. This has been a great life saver for when I go on long trips!

Tammy:  When I began to train with Patty I was a vending machine addict. Patty helped me kick my habit! I would buy 4 pops a day @ $1.25.  This added up to $100 a month.  I would also buy other vending machine items, totalling up to an additional $40.00 a month.
My work junk food vending machine habit ran me $140.00 a month...which pays for over half of what I spend in training with Patty!  When people tell me I must be rich to have a trainer, I tell them "I just stopped eating and drinking crap and it pays for my sessions"...people dont realize how much they spend on junk food....hope this helps someone else!